June 17, 2018
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What are the Consulate hours?

The Consulate is open from 9am till 6pm but open to the public from 10am till 2pm Monday through Thursday and from 10 am till 1pm on Fridays.

Why is the Consulate open to the public only 4 hours a day?

As this is the only Consulate in the USA, we are open only 4 hours a day so we can process the files received by mail from all United States.

Can I send my files by mail?

If you live in New York City area you have to come in person to the Consulate. If you live outside New York area you can mail your documents for process.

What type of mail should I use for fast service?

The only form of mail accepted by the Consulate is “US Post Office Express mail or Priority mail”. You need to include a self-stamped “US Post Office Express or Priority mail” envelope in all requests so you can insure a fast service.

Where to send my documents?

You need to send your mail to:

Consulate of Morocco
10 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016

How to know the status of my mail?

Please keep the tracking # so you can check the status of your mail. You need to go to the USPS website and check if it has been signed for by the Consulate of Morocco and then allow 10 business for passports and 5 business days for all other documents then track your mail by going to the USPS website. Please keep the tracking # of the “US Post Office Express or Priority mail” so you can track it.

When and where to call the Consulate?

You need to call us at: 212-758-2625 everyday Monday through Thursday between 10am & 2pm and Fridays between 10am & 1pm.

What if nobody is answering?

If you call the Consulate and get no answer, please leave your name and phone # (slowly in a clear and loud voice) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that due to the high amount of calls we may not answer you until late in the afternoon or the next day.

How to pay fees?

You need to pay by money order, as it is the only form of payment accepted by the Consulate.

Can I pay cash?

You may pay cash only if you come to the Consulate otherwise please send a money order.

Are personal checks accepted?

Personal checks are not accepted.

To whom should I make to the money order?

The money order should be made payable to “the Consulate of Morocco”

Can I send cash?

Please do not send cash, as your file will not be processed. Please send money order.


Is registration with the Consulate mandatory?

Yes every Moroccan National has to register with the Consulate prior to any transaction.

Can I register and send passport renewal or extension or any other documents at the same time?

Yes you can send your file for registration along with it any documents to be processed by the Consulate.

What if I lost my registration (Consular) card?

The number of registration is usually written on the first hard cover page of your passport. If it is not written on the passport you can just leave it blank.

Can I have a new Consular Card?

Yes you can request a new consular card by including a $7.60 fee.


Can I send my passport by mail to be processed?

Yes you can send your passport by mail but please use “US Post Office Express or Priority mail”.

How to receive my passport back?

You need to include a prepaid self-stamped “US Post Office Express or Priority mail” envelope.

Can I send for registration & at the same time renew or extend my passport?

Yes you can send one package for registration & passport renewal or extension at the same time.

Can I make one money order for registration & passport renewal or extension?

Yes you can send one money order for both registration & passport renewal or extension.

Can I send two passport applications in the same package for process?

We recommend that you sent each passport application in a separate package to avoid delays as renewal & extension are two different departments. Please send each passport application separately along with its return express or priority mail.

Is the National ID (Carte Nationale) mandatory in order to renew or extend my passport?

Yes you need a copy of your carte nationale to renew or extend your passport.

What if I do not have la Carte Nationale?

If you have lost your Carte Nationale, you need to come to the Consulate in person to give fingerprints again. If you live outside New York area and you need to travel soon please write a letter along with your file explaining how the Carte nationale was lost & you may send your file.

Can I send my file for passport renewal or extension without my Carte Nationale?

Yes you can but please write a note explaining why you cannot send a copy of your Carte nationale.

Is a copy of my Moroccan driver license good if I do not have my Carte nationale?

Yes a copy of the Moroccan driver License is good in case you do not have la Carte Nationale.

What if I lost my passport & Carte Nationale (CIN)?

In this case you have to come to the Consulate for fingerprints & you need to present a birth certificate.

What if I never had la Carte Nationale (CIN) & I need to renew my passport or extend it?

If you are 18 years old there is no other way but to come to the Consulate for fingerprints & you need to present a birth certificate and your passport. Your passport will be issued after we receive your CIN from Rabat. If you are less then eighteen your passport will be renewed or extended for the period left till you get 18 years old. You will need an authorization of both parents in this case.

How can I get my minor child a new passport or extend her/his passport?

The process is the same as indicated in our website for passport renewal or extension. But for minors you need to send a notarized letter signed by both parents giving their child authorization to renew or extend her/his passport.

Do I need the same requirements if I only need to extend my passport?

Please note that extension & renewal of passport are submitted to the same process and the same requirements apply for both.

What if my passport can be extended but I need a new one?

You need to include a note requesting a new passport instead of extending the old one.

Can I get my old passport back as well?

Yes you will receive the old passport along with your new one. Please write a letter to the Consul general requesting to have the old passport back.

Can I renew or extend my passport even if it is still valid?

Yes you may renew your passport to change address or occupation.

How long can I extend or renew my passport before its expiration?

You may renew or extend your passport 18 months before its expiration.




Why should I have the CIN and how to get it?

Every Moroccan National has to have The CIN at the age of 18 years old. The number of the CIN is the equivalent of the Social Security number in the United States and therefore every Moroccan should have one  at the age of 18.

Do I need to come to the Consulate for fingerprints to renew my CIN?

If you are in possession of your CIN you still need to come to this Consulate General for fingerprints to renew your CIN and get the new CNIE. You need to bring the application that you may download from our website, two passport pictures, fees and a prepaid self addressed express or priority mail envelope for return (sold at the Post Office).

What if I lost my CIN?

If your CIN is lost then you will have to come to the Consulate for fingerprints to renew your CIN and you need to fill out the form that you download from our website, two passport pictures, your passport and your birth certificate.

What do I need to have my CIN for the first time?

You need to come to the Consulate in person for fingerprints and you will need the original of your birth certificate and the passport that you came in with to the USA. If you came on your one of your parents’ passports please provide a copy.

Can I use a copy of my birth certificate?

No you cannot. The original of your birth certificate is mandatory.

What if I have the original but it is an old one?

It is fine as long as you have the original.

Will the Family book “Livret d’Etat Civil” be Ok instead of the birth certificate?

Yes it is fine.

When can I apply for the first time?

Moroccan Nationals living abroad may apply for the CIN at the age of 16.

Do I need an appointment to to give fingerprints?

You do not need to make an appointment. You just need to come during business hours. Please call to make sure the day you are coming to the Consulate is not a holiday: 212-758-2625 Ext: 240 0r 235.

How long does it take to have fingerprints?

The whole process is like half an hour but it might be longer if many people are at the Consulate for the same service. First come first serve basis.

How to long is the process of CIN?

As the CIN is sent to Rabat for process, the process is about 8 weeks.

How to get my CIN back?

If you live in the New York area you need to pick up your CIN in person at the Consulate. If you live outside the New York area your CIN will be mailed to you.

Will my CIN be mailed to me automatically?

Due to address changes and mistakes that may occur on the address, we recommend that you call us after 8 weeks of your deposit of application to make sure your CIN is back and confirm the address: 212-758-2625 Ext: 240.

What if I am traveling soon and my CIN has expired and I will need it while in Morocco?

You can apply for the CIN and ask the CIN officer to send you a receipt with your picture on it so you can use it while in Morocco just the same way you would use your CIN.

What type of pictures should I use?

Regular passport photos are fine.


A "Procuration" Power of Attorney is meant to save the trip to Moroccan Nationals living in the US to go to Morocco to take care of their personal matters. They can give Procuration/ Power of Attorney to somebody to represent them. This document has to be notarized by the Consulate General in order to be valid in Morocco.

Applicants have to appear in person and sign the document before a clerk at the Consulate after showing their Moroccan ID or passport.

For people living outside the New York area: They can notarize it before a Public Notary and send it to the Consulate General along with a notarized copy of the National ID or passport, fees and a prepaid self addressed US post office express or priority mail.

Some samples are provided on our website to help you. You may download, fill it up and then sign it before a public notary prior to sending it to the Consulate for legalization. 


Fees are paid in cash for those who come in person to the Consulate. If you are sending your document by mail please send a money order payable to the Moroccan Consulate. Please refer to our website for the fee that will apply to you.

How can I insure a fast service?

To get your documents back as soon as possible, please make sure you include in your package:

-          a prepaid self-addressed US post office express mail.

-          Copy of your CIN or Moroccan passport

-          Sign the power of attorney before a public notary first

How long is the process?

The process is two to three days but please make sure you include a prepaid self-addressed US post office express or priority mail.

In what language should the power of attorney be?

The power of attorney should be in Arabic or French.

What if the public notary does not want to sign the power of attorney in Arabic or French?

In this case you may write the content of your power of attorney in English for the public attorney to sign and send us both papers so we can legalize the one in Arabic or French. Please do not forget to sing the one you have in Arabic or French.

Do I have to use the Power of Attorney “Procuration” on the Consulate website or can I use the one I received from Morocco or write one myself?

The powers of attorney on our website are just samples to help you. If you received one from Morocco you need to use it or if you need to write a specific one yourself you may do so.


Are marriage ceremonies performed at the Consulate?

As the Consulate do not have Aduls, Marriage ceremonies cannot be performed at the Consulate but the Consulate can certify marriage certificates from the Mosque and City Hall so they can be valid in Morocco. Please call: 212-758-2625 Ext: 238 for more info.


Is divorce performed at the Consulate?

Divorce cannot be performed at the Consulate. All divorces are processed in Morocco.

Can I validate my American Final divorce in Morocco?

Yes you can validate your final American divorce and register it in Morocco. You need to translate into Arabic your final American divorce then send it to the Consulate for certification. You may then send it along with power of attorney to somebody in Morocco to register it for you or you may go yourself if you happen to be in Morocco and register it.


When can I get the Family Book?

You may apply for the family book after your marriage and even if you do not have kids yet.

Where should I get my Family Book? at the Consulate or where?

Please note that the family Book is issued at the place of your birth. The Consulate only issues family books to Moroccans born in the USA.

Do I have to go in person or somebody can represent me to get my Family Book?

As specified in our website you may give power of attorney to somebody to get the Family Book for you.

What if I was not married in Morocco?

In this case you need to send the original of your City hall marriage certificate and the Mosque marriage certificate to the Consulate for certification prior to sending them to Morocco to get the Family Book.

What if we have not been married at the Mosque?

In this case you need to call the Consulate at: 212-758-2625 Ext: 238 to get “Moulhak” a necessary document for the issuance of your family book.


In order to register a newborn you need to have your family book first and the original of your child birth certificate. You will also need copies of your CIN & that of your spouse along with applications posted on our website.

Can I register my child even if she/he is more than one year old?

Yes you can but we need the original of your child’s birth certificate that the Consulate will keep.

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions please call: 212-758-2625 Ext: 245


What type of documents can the Consulate translate for me?

The Consulate can only translate High school and university Diplomas, Moroccan marriage certificates, Moroccan divorce certificates and Moroccan birth certificates.

What if I have other documents to translate?

You may get them translated by an independent translator or translate them yourself and then send them to the Consulate along with the original documents to certify them as true translation to the original.

What if I am afraid to loose the originals in the mail?

You may get them certified by a public notary and then send us only the certified copies along with the translated documents. The fee on website is per document.

What should I do to make sure my documents are not lost?

Please use US post office overnight express or priority mail and include a prepaid self-addressed US post office express or priority mail for return.

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